Client Testimonials

CLIENT testimonials

M - June 2019

Scarlet Blue

Jessie Marie is beautiful, Independent and extremely good at what she does. The pictures are accurate but don't do her justice; everything is perfectly proportioned, firm where it should be and soft where it should be.

That said, as fantastic as she looks and feels, it was her skill and knowledge to figure out what you want and take you there - making you melt at first and then bringing the real heat.

She has a great attitude as well that makes it feel warm and personal rather than transactional

Looking forward to the next time.

Aaron - June 2019

Scarlet Blue

Amazing girl, her smile just melts my heart every time, wish I could have just massaged that ass for an hour it was so cute... her boobs fit so comfortably in your hands I loved watching her bite her bottom lip and grind her waist on mine when I was playing with her nipples ... she has the best sex moans the sound of her cumming and asking me to feel her racing heartbeat smiling with delight is a memory I'll never forget. tieing her hair back and her just telling you what to do is something everyone needs, I can't wait to see Jessie again.

A E - April 2019

Scarlet Blue

I almost cancelled i was that nervous but as soon as the door opened she instantly treated me like she had known me my whole life. The first thing you think when you see her is, wow she is f*n hot, like girl at the club you will never get hot. What a professional she is, i couldn't even talk i was that nervous (mostly by how attractive she is) but not once did she pause the flow. Her pace is like a ferrari gearbox, if you change gears she will throw you back in your seat and if you cruise she will purr, you can tell she just loves her job and im glad i got to experience her services.

I had the most amazing time with Jessie from the moment i saw her i was blown away by her beauty she noticed straight away that i was a bit nervous it being my first time with a escort and she took charge then i was in heaven for the next hour if you are thinking about contacting Jessie for a night of pleasure you should you won't regret it

I’m a sucker for a smart intelligent woman with a smile in her voice, seriousness in the content her words and confidence in her sexuality and being - a woman who flows with her body and offers to share her pleasure and accept her partner’s pleasure. I have always sought the tantric pleasure and heavenly nirvana of the journey to the explosion at the destination. And so it was with the beautiful Jessie who opened herself to me for two wonderful hours. 

We communicated with ease, got to know one another a bit over a glass of wine and were chatting about the post-Freudian distinction between need, demand and desire. She surmised that I might be shy to make the first move so she took the opportunity to ask “and what is your desire”. I replied “you”. 

The rest is two pleasurable history. I was sad as she left because I wanted her forever. She replied, “we can look forward to another time”. Days later, I still yearn. I look forward to my next trip to Melbourne and a dinner date with Jessie.

Wow wee what can I say I usually don’t do reviews. But today is the exception as I had the opportunity of meeting the fantastic Jessie Marie which I treated myself as Xmas present . I agree with a previous review that Jessie Marie pictures don’t do her justice as she is deadset out of this world from start to finish she treats you to a play date you will never forget and will keep wanting more I won’t give to much away but in the words of Molly Mel drum go and do yourself a favour and book this beautiful young lass as you will never forget your time with her looking forward to my next Booking with her.

I had the great pleasure of meeting Jessie for an afternoon playtime, let me just say that Jessie is a warm, engaging, charming and fun to be around lady..... And this is on top of the fact that she is absolutely gorgeous, Jessie is not pretentious, from tip to toe she is a down to earth lovely person. Please don't get me started with her body!! Ooo la la perrrrfect!!!! I won't go into details because a gentleman would not do that and I am a gentleman! So I will just let your imaginations run wild it still wouldn't do my time with her justice.

She made me feel so comfortable never once did I feel she was rushing me or she had other things on her mind, Jessie was definitely focused on what we were doing. Couldn't recommend Jessie high enough, trust me you will not be disappointed.